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It had to be written now..


 Sitting in my studio apartment in Spain in the third month of total lockdown from Corona virus. The world seemed to be a place almost unrecognisable compared to just a few months previously. I switched on my computer and began to hear and see an even worse scenario unfolding. A wave of anger and confusion spreading around the world after the murder of Mr George Floyd. I felt completely powerless. I wondered what I could possibly do about the situation as I saw many thousands taking to the streets to in order make their protest heard. 

As I thought about this, a song was born in my heart. That song is “One Day”, I literally recorded the music and vocals in one day. As I listened back to the song I realised that it was actually born from a subliminal message written into my conscience as a child. 

Often referred to as the most powerful speech ever delivered elements of Dr Martin Luther King’s I have a dream speech just fitted perfectly into the production. It was as if he had been with me as I recorded the track. As the song was being mastered I began to realise that this was more than just a tune with a good beat and something to dance to but rather a message that speaks directly into the disharmony and disunity present in our world today. 

I pray that this song will inspire us to believe that however bad things may appear, together we can make today “one day.” 


Title: One Day
Artist: Hugh Alexander

A sublime piece of Neo Gospel Soul. The track opens with the haunting and timeless MLK speech underpinned with a hypnotic Bassline that continues to weave throughout the remainder of the song with distinct authority.
The vocal melody have a nuance of Robert Palmers “Didn’t Mean To Turn You On” that gives the song a nostalgic familiarity but the lyrics are a far more profound social commentary which certainly makes it a song of its time and totally contemporary.
Fantastic arrangement and melody makes it a track that demands a second listen immediately after the 1st. The song crystallises the times we are in perfectly and provokes reflection. Powerful.

Clive ‘GQ’ Graham

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